Sitemap - 2022 - Learning by Proxy with Vivek Srinivasan

Everything I wrote in 2022

Bright Green Lies

Covid Returns Returns

Enjoy the Weather


The New Oil

Colonial Baggage

Mental Violence

Let it rip

Carbon Credits

War in Ukraine

One Mississippi, two Mississippi, no more Mississippi

Collapse 2

Going to Space - Privately

Our Bias against Action

AI coming for stock photos


Let me tell you what inflation is

Status Games

We learn nothing


The Weight of the Dollar

An Immense World

Moving a World

Bullshit Black Box

Arrival of Defence

Saving Money

Supersonic Dreams

Elite Overproduction


To Belong


On Being Lucky

The curse of powerlessness

How Goa became a part of India

Self-Driving Hubris

Big Feelings

Drying Rivers


Climate Hypocrisy

Vantage Point

Two front war

Tamed Man

Welcome back to the Nuclear age?

Stolen Ideas

Bretton Woods is not dead, but it just might be

Nice guys finish last

My world's on fire, how about yours?

The fittest never survives

Faces of Supremacy

Books I read in the last 3 months

Exaggerated Stock Market

Hegemony at its best

Changing face of geo-politics

Looking for the road to Avoid

The multiplier problem of Open Source


How we work is changing

A few good words

The Dichotomy that is India

How to create a problem 101

Building supply chains upside down

Taking for granted

Virus Virus everywhere...

Less is More

You will not need passwords any more

Stolen Focus

Tech Companies trying to steal reality are failing


Why is Musk making a bid for Twitter?

Cruel Optimism

When they refuse your refuse

Value and Values

An asset that everyone owns

The Dawn of Everything by David Graeber

EU is left to regulate American Oligarchs because America won't



One Skill at a time

Books I have read in 2022


How The Economist dumbed down Economics

The New World Order

AI is Outsourcing 2.0

Russian Commodities

Learning by Proxy Announcement

Power of Details

Indian’s Greatest Tech Export

India's Greatest Tech Export | Podcast

Make it Stick

Why fight for Ukraine?

Why fight for Ukraine? | Podcast


From the Jewish State to the Islamic State | Learning by Proxy

A rule of thumb

The Great Energy Transition | Learning by Proxy

The Great Energy Transition | Podcast

Connecting the Dots | Podcast

Flying Cars | Learning by Proxy

Flying Cars | Podcast

Most Respectful Interpretation

Delivering Freshness | Learning by Proxy

Delivering Freshness | Podcast

Fight for what is right

5G Hubris | Learning by Proxy

5G Hubris | Podcast

Language of Marketing

Inflation | Learning by Proxy

Inflation | Podcast

Life and its need to survive

Mesh Network | Learning by Proxy

Mesh Networks | Podcast

The Wizard and the Prophet

Buy now, Pay later | Learning by Proxy

Buy Now, Pay Later | Podcast

The rewards for solving hard problems