They produce nothing today. They are gross consumers. But have pegged everything to the dollar and hence continue to exploit the world.

The great PR coup is that you think that the sins were those of the father and not being perpetrated today.

For example - their museums are filled with stolen art. Even today they smuggle art to their museum from the east. You see they have nothing called culture to populate their museums with.

This is but one example in a long list of crimes they continue to perpetrate.

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Absolutely true. The movie "The North Sea" climax is a partial confession by Norway. At the time of stopping the Oil business, Norway had 10,000 Billion USD in their corpus.

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Jan 16, 2023·edited Jan 16, 2023

I have read so much about the atrocities done by the western civilization, that you start feeling like they are the most corrupt and evil people in existence.

But I know that's not the case. They are producing oil, we are consuming oil.

It would be like saying that the people making Porn are more culprit than the ones watching them.

If I would have been a North American, is there any way to absolve myself from the sins of my fathers?

OR is this all just a way to get back on them? Their ancestors painted Indians/Native Indians as savages, illiterates, goons and plundered us so it's now our turn?

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