Speaking and writing are two different skills. Cater to different audiences also. Your query should be addressed separately. The feedback might show you the direction you seek. If you intend to educate others, you might like to do segmentation by types (needs) of recipients ( not by broadsweap available media of communication). I do not listen to podcast. I like to keep my sensors alert. But I do see the efficiency of auditory medium, although I retain more by reading. My one cent.

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Please dont discontinue the podcast.

You mentioned that you create the podcast on a Sunday and post it on Friday and over the 5 days it seems to you that the news gets stale. But I disagree to that.

As entrepreneurs we juggle lots of things in our 24 hours and we get little time for the things we enjoy doing. In my case I get to skim through a maximum of 2 newspapers daily - the Malayala Manorama and the Economic Times. And from these I get just local news and national news. Its not enough for staying woke on worldwide news.

And, I must confess there are days when I dont really get to indulge in the papers fully due to lack of time. The point is these local dailies just give us local information and national information. Not worldwide information.

That is where your podcast comes to the picture - At least for me. You distill what happened globally in the last week into your podcast and its actually a refreshing perspective compared to the lengthy boring editorial articles in the papers. I must also say I have never missed a single episode of your podcast. Not a single one. I think its just because of the fact that I enjoy listening to it.

And I guess its that selfishness of mine which made me write this to you so I can continue listening to your weekly podcasts :)


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I think blog should do. Needn't really worry about podcast. But maybe you can monetize your podcasts at https://chimesradio.com/ or similar such platform. Call it knowledge series. My two cents of thought

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