Nov 26, 2021 • 12M

Fuels | Podcast

What we mean when we say fuel today may not be the same in a decade. A radical shift is coming forced by the source of our energy.

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Vivek Srinivasan
My podcast, just like my blog is about demystifying and simplifying complex things but pulling many threads together. If you are curious and love to learn about the world around you, you will love this podcast!
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This is the Learning by Proxy podcast for Edition 87. If you do not enjoy reading long-form, get the gist of it in about 10 minutes (or that was the hope). 

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Fuels have played a critical role in the way the world works. There have been wars fought over fuel and alliances created between the strangest partners just because of fuel. We are on the verge of a monumental change. A change that could redefine what we mean when we utter the word, fuel.  Climate is forcing this change on us and so is renewable energy.

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